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  • Step 1 – Scan-on-site

    step 1

    With state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices, we can cost effectively scan your paper records at source or off-site. Global Archives has been entrusted to scan highly valuable documents such as the B&H Scanner collected works of Albert Einstein as well as many years of medical records for numerous health care centers.
  • Step 2 – We safely and securely
    index and organize your files.

    step 2

    We trace the work-flow of existing business processes and identify bottlenecks where streamlining makes sense. Streamlining manual paper  improves efficiencies, eliminates lost documents and reduces data entry errors.
  • Step 3 – Access your files
    anywhere anytime !

    step 3

    Our LockBox online document storage software is unique in the industry for its end-user simplicity, security, compliance, and platform maturity. Used by hundreds of clients worldwide, LockBox fulfills a range of data management solution needs and business processes.

Global Archives

Global Archives provides data management solutions that streamline business practices through online, Cloud-based storage and access tools using LockBox.

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