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Whether you “like”, “comment”, “share”, or “check in”, the world of Facebook has an undeniable presence in dictating the moment-to-moment routine of our lives. Some of us catch ourselves logging in to our Facebook accounts more than just once a day. Some never log off and are able to check their account via mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Global Archives has embraced this growing trend for such “now” desired advertising by expanding the number of tabs available to our fans on our Facebook page. Below the standard “wall”, “info” and “photos” tabs, you’ll find additional sections labeled “newsletter”, “client testimonials”, “going green”, “specials” and more on the way.

One click allows you to view our monthly Newsletter. Another, view current Specials, Upcoming Events and more. When on Facebook, you are only one click away from acquiring all the information you want to better serve your needs.

Check out and “Like” our Facebook page so you can too be just one click away from accessing a link to our most current pictures, client testimonials, newsletter links and limited time promotional specials at http://

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The Great Blackout


The Great Blackout of San Diego turned the lights and power off in about 1.5 million homes subsequently affecting approximately five million people. Many businesses were helpless without their electronic gadgets to light the way through this technology-free time warp. Printers were useless. Yet, even more of an issue was computers and cell phones. Many laptops ran out of battery life and cell phones struggled to maintain a WiFi connection.

Throughout the blackout, businesses backed up with the Cloud Computing network were able to maintain instant access to all of the data that otherwise may have been lost in this emergency shut-down created by the disastrous Blackout. Global Archives was one of the proud Cloud Providers that had their clients leaving their offices and work stations knowing that all is Safe! When the power returned to its normal working state, accessing stored data from a Lockbox was a breeze for our clients.

Learn more about Cloud Computing and its benefits. For more information email us at or call 1.877.257.7226.

Client of the Month


The most personable office team is the least of what we can say about the office staff at the Center for Orthopedic & Sports Excellence in Beverly Hills, CA. You can walk in on them any day of the week and no matter what they have on their plate for that day, week, or month, they will still give you the warmest welcome you will ever encounter! Not only did the staff of the Center agreed to take a photo for their September Client of the Month nomination, but they wanted to show off the size of the files they are having to take on daily and the Global Archives’ staff who have been loyal and attentive to their needs. We have decided to nominate LeeAnn Morrell, Carol Graham, and Anna Stevensonis because of their drive and ambition to convert their entire paper nightmare into an easy way to access their files by utilizing LockBox provided to them by Global Archives. Not only does this save them time and alleviate their frustration to have to look for “paper” files when their patients check-in, but they have managed to cut a lot of the monetary expenses by doing so as well! Most importantly they are a very pleasant group to work with and watching them interact allows you to see their love and care towards each other!

Thank you ladies and keep up the great work!

A Moment to Remember

us flagTen years ago the 110 story twin towers, holding 35,000+ employees and 430+ businesses, collapsed to the ground. We remember those citizens: the employees who were trapped, the firefighters who rescued countless lives, and the families who were forever crippled. 9/11 will forever remind us to stay strong and united “one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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