Global Archives Appoints New Regional Sales Manager
Irina Ustyan – Western Regional Sales Manager

Global Archives is pleased to report that Irina Ustyan has accepted

the position of Western Regional Sales Manager. Irina brings a wealth of experience in senior account

management and customer service. For the last 8 years, Irina was responsible for managing a team that oversaw several hundred accounts. She has degrees in Finance and Economics and will play a critical role in our company’s growth plans. Please welcome Irina to the Global Archives family.

Global Archives Appoints – Hanson Marketing

To form global sales and marketing strategies

Global Archives has contracted with Tom Hanson to develop go-to-market sales and marketing plans to launch our LockBox product into the Managed Services Provider sector, worldwide. Tom will form a global domestic and international sales efforts including contracting with distribution outlets. Tom will also manage our team of web design, SEO consulting, writing and graphic arts contractors. International sales efforts will be coupled with the US Foreign Commercial Service and our growing list of international business partners.

LockBox III going “Shrink Wrap”

Product for (MSP) Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers provide web-based applications and professional services in virtually every industry, worldwide. Global Archives is also an MSP, and has been providing SaaS services for more than eight years and is considered a leader in the data management industry. Web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications live in the “Cloud” and may include AP Processing, EMR management, Document Management (like LockBox) and network monitoring, among many others. The benefits for these services are numerous. MSP clients use the applications on a “pay as you use” basis, eliminating the need to expend capital for hardware and software. SaaS solutions eliminate support costs, since the client’s MSP is responsible for IT infrastructure and license administration. Cloud-based solutions and services are secure and safe — usually more so than the client’s data center — and have “hot” redundant services in the event of power or system failure. SaaS solutions are fast as the live on the Internet backbone. And, usually much less expensive than costs for a client to provide and maintain the in-house equivalent.

Every industry worldwide now enjoys the savings and other benefits of SaaS-based solutions and associated professional services. MSP businesses are growing as their clients realize that it is more efficient and less expensive to transfer non-core services to a trusted MSP and focus on their core business. The market is expected to top $15 Billion by 2015; meanwhile, the US Federal Government encourages the use of MSPs to reduce costs and become more competitive.

As an MSP, Global Archives is a leader and pioneer in data governance specialties. Unlike the current version of LockBox, with its many custom front-end interfaces, the new LockBox III will be “Shrink Wrap”, which makes it ideal to be sold and supported by MSPs in virtually any industry sector. We anticipate releasing LockBox III by July 1. For those MSPs who require customization, Global Archives will make available its professional services team.

Should you have any questions about LockBox III, please do not hesitate to contact John Ermoian directly (see below).

Industry News

Health Services -HHS Proposes Changes To HIPAA Privacy Rule. The proposed rule would add rights to patients to see who accessed their records. The proposed changes would revise HIPAA’s privacy rule by dividing it into two separate rights for individuals: “an individual’s right to an accounting of disclosures” and “individual’s right to an access report, which would include electronic access by both workforce members and persons outside the covered entity.” For more details visit Rule Change

Accounts Payables – Are you aware of the retention requirements of your AP records? Take a look at the following IRS publications. Due to the nature of increased electronic submission of invoices more AP departments are implementing a “Approval Routing” workflow to expedite processing. For more information contact Global Archives-AP to get a free analysis and start reducing costs in your AP processing.

IRS Regulations: IRS Rev. Proc. 98-25 and IRS Rev. Proc. 97-22.

About Global Archives Inc.

Global Archives is a provider of streamlining services for paper intensive businesses.

Founded in 2003, its principals brought more than 20 years experience in developing Document Management Systems (DMS), solutions for Fortune 500 as well as other large organizations. Recognizing the power of the Internet and Cloud-based solutions and services, Global Archives developed a powerful web based Document Management System known as LockBox that can be shared -safely and securely- with hundreds of other clients, thereby reducing records management expense.

As a pioneer in web based “Software as a Service” (SaaS), Global Archives has developed enterprise solutions and related services throughout a wide variety of industries. These Internet-based services include designing front end application for document conversion, data capture and work flow of client business processes and document repository services; all in a safe, secure and user friendly environment.


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