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What's New at Global Archives …

From State to Nationwide: Global Archives Increases its Membership Realm

Along with being a preferred vendor with the California Ambulatory Surgical Association (CASA), Global Archives has now expanded its membership to a national scope with the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA). You can now easily access Global Archives through both the CASA and ASCA directory pages. Or, contact us directly at 1.877.257.7226.

And be sure to visit our booth at the annual CASA Conference!
For more information call Irina Ustyan
at 1.877.257.7226 X 804

"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words!"

The latest news within international communities of social media users: Facebook’s $1 Billion purchase of Instagram.
Instagram is a photo-sharing application that allows users to upload and edit pictures with a variety of stylized filter backgrounds, as provided by the application. It is centralized on providing updates (such as on Facebook and Twitter) solely through pictures. As social media constantly changes, it will be important for its users to remain flexible and up to date in their social media marketing strategies. On that note, instead of tweets from the surgery room, perhaps surgeons will begin moving toward pictures as their new medium to replace updates centered on words.

Stop with Budget Cuts, Start with Wasteful Spending

Rather than cutting costs and risking a deflated patient experience, healthcare centers need to direct their efforts on eliminating wasteful spending. Based on studies, an estimated 30% of all healthcare spending goes to waste. With many critical factors to consider, JAMA offers physicians hope by proposing six areas to eliminate wasteful spending:

  1. Overtreatment
  2. Inferior care coordination
  3. Poor execution of care processes
  4. Administrative complexity
  5. Pricing failures
  6. Fraud and abuse

This concept can also be applied to various market sectors.

Smaller Practices: Leaders in EHR Adoption

An ongoing study posts that smaller medical practices, consisting of only one or two physicians, are the fastest growing adopters of electronic health records (EHRs). The results of this study confirmed a negative correlation between EHR adoptions as practices increased their number of employed physicians. Perhaps this trend can be linked to smaller practices’ higher need to remain competitive with larger practices. Passed in 2009 as a part of the economic stimulus package, the HITECH act entices practices with financial returns on their investment in EHRs of $44,000 from Medicare and 64,000 from Medicaid over five and six year spans respectively. And this return is per physician!

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April 2012

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