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meredith beattieHi, my name’s Meredith Beattie and I am a student at UC San Diego majoring in both human development and management science. One thing I’ve noticed about the college lifestyle is the constant social networking. You see it everywhere. Walking on campus, I’ll see students furiously texting – even when crossing the street! In the classrooms, I see the familiar Facebook login page sprouting up throughout the auditorium. Even when I’m off campus, I see students updating their Twitter accounts to let everyone know where they are eating and what they ordered. As a college student, it can be a real challenge to keep track of the constant newsfeed from your 500+ friends and followers, let alone organize the events which constitute your own life! Living away from home for the first time as both a student and inevitable consumer, I often find myself subconsciously clicking on advertisements of businesses that decorate the perimeter of my Facebook page. One day I caught myself as I was just about to click on an advertisement, and I stopped. What was it about this advertisement that was so appealing? I was immediately intrigued to learn more about the social psychology that forms the foundation of business marketing. I was captivated by the charm not only in enticing advertisements, but also business status updates, new pictures, and interactive module tabs as well. I wanted to explore this subtle, yet captivating form of communication. I started playing with possibilities. I wanted to be the one to create and promote an up and coming business through the brand awareness formed through social media networking. Soon after, I found myself clicking on the Global Archives logo, consciously this time; this is what I wanted to do. And here I am, the social media administrator intern of Global Archives and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Global Archives!

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Cloud Computing- What is it?

cloud_image_jpgAccording to Wikepedia — Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet). For example, Global Archives’ LockBox service is a Cloud Computing service. The primary advantages to cloud computing are that the service provider is responsible for the software, support and development. And because a Cloud service provider provides the same or nearly the same service to many his costs are kept down while improving overall efficencies. This is especially important to a shared group of industry users who rely on the same standards of compliance. Basically, Cloud computing can provide the same application service as an in-house application but do it more efficiently, safer and at significantly lesser cost. During our re certification for government contracting (GSA), I found a good video that tells the story without the bits and bytes. Click on “Cloud Computing” to see this short and very informative video.

Client of the Month – Tina Vanatur

tina vanaturTina Vanatur is always smiling and happy to see you. No matter how much stress she may have on her shoulders on a daily basis, she is always welcoming and sweet as if she has no worries in the world. Tina plays a very important role in her office by managing patient records at one of the most reputable surgical centers in Los Angeles County. We, at Global Archives, know how much Tina really handles day in and day out and we do our best to make her job as manageable as we can. Through the years of working closely with Tina and her colleagues we have done all that we were expected and turned their paper intensive operation into a hassle-free work environment. As you can see in this photo, Tina is all smiles and not a single paper on her desk. That is exactly what we strive to do here at Global Archives, less paper equals less stress!

As we nominate different teams or their members for our “Client of the Month” segment, we would love to attach a photo to your name. So please don’t be shy and send us your individual photo or one of your office staff to You can also call us into your office, we would be more than happy to snap a photo of you or with you. Thank you for your continuous support!

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