Patient Acquisition Marketing for ASCs

The answer of how to maximize revenues is becoming increasingly more reliant on the quality of marketing, rather than the per dollar investment of a campaign budget. First, small surgery centers need to determine which center characteristics and/or surgical accomplishments make them stand apart from other surgery centers and hospitals. By filtering a marketing message to include only the most unique accomplishments, surgery centers can help prospective clients with not only name recognition, but perhaps more importantly, brand differentiation. Once the marketing message has been strategically refined, repetition must be consistently implemented. Due to its convenient availability and economical accessibility, the vast majority of ASCs are relying on the Internet as their primary marketing resource. Effective methods for increasing a business’ online presence include both routine changes to website content as well as staying up-to-date on pertinent industry news throgh posts to social media sites or blogs. Finally, whether through meetings, facility tours or newsletters, centers should strive to both maintain, as well as expand upon, their list of networking and referral contacts.

Patient Acquisition Marketing for ASCs

The FDA’s Unique Identifier System
Ever since the circulation of a 1999 report declaring 100,000 patient deaths to be the result of preventable medical errors, the FDA has been working to create a unified system of medical coding. This statistic proves that risk of error associated with manual data entry can no longer be afforded as it puts lives in jeopardy. The unique device identifier (UDI) system will monitor the implementation of medical devices to assist with recall management and adverse event reporting. Further, it is hoped to more efficiently manage supply chains and data capturing systems. With this new UDI coding system, it will be critical for centers to direct their efforts towards the total cost of the supply chain while keeping in mind that products will be standardized into different classification categories, and thus, impacted at different times. Finally, the UDI System will be programmed to require that physicians not only label all devices, but provide pertinent multi-field device descriptions as well. Finally, in accordance with the project’s motive of disaster prevention, the UDI system ensures product scanning to be technology-neutral.
Health Services Records Management

Crystal Stairs
In entrusting Global Archives to manage data within a secure hosting network, Crystal Stairs has been able to increase infrastructural efficiency while conserving budget costs squandered away on endless paper printing, offsite data storage and record retrieval.  With California’s ongoing budget crisis and realignment proposal, government licensed childcare providers have dropped about 45 percentiles within California’s funding formula, equivalent to about $184.2 million! This statewide budget crisis has enthused a rise in political advocacy from a wide range of senators, the LA County Board of Supervisors, as well as Crystal Stairs, a government and privately funded childcare provider organization. Through the advocacy of Crystal Stairs’ Community Voices project, both parents and childcare providers have been able to voice their hardships to politiicans in Sacramento. Whether time is ticking in the emergency room or on the floor to pass new government measures, time is the common variable. The difference of only a couple seconds has the power to predetermine the fate of millions of lives, and in each such circumstance, immediate data retrieval has proved to be invariantly critical.
Crystal Stairs
“Improving the Lives of Families through Child Care Services, Research and Advocacy”


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What’s New at Global Archives? The long awaited GA Forms is here!

This supplemental service allows Global Archives clients to access and customize universal template forms 24/7!  Check out the GA forms demo website to view a sample vacation time off request form. WIth this example, employees simply fill out the required fields while the proposal is then automatically sent to the supervisor to either be confirmed or denied. Regardless of the form’s particular function, Global Archives transforms mundane, yet necessary, business tasks into a systematic approach so as to promote the highest standard of clarity, efficiency and uniformity. From marketing to human resources to accounting tasks, GA Forms can easily be customized to fit the needs of any industry, and every sub-sector of operation.

GA Forms

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