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social networksIn 2011 Global Archives began expanding its social media horizon. On September 1st, we welcomed a new member to our team, Meredith Beattie, who now serves as Global Archives’ social media administrator. During the following 3 months, Meredith worked vigorously to promote Global Archives through its social media accounts. Facebook “Likes” have skyrocketed from 55 to 500. Global Archives also has Twitter and Linked-In accounts that continuously report the latest trends in the healthcare and IT industries. The Facebook page in particular, is much more prestigious and informative than before with an array of tabs, pictures, and articles. On this page you can access the Newsletter, Blog, and exclusive client specials. In addition, you can ask questions and find out about what we are doing at local community events. Be sure to check out our pictures from these happenings and plan on attending an upcoming event or two.

The Year in Perspective: 2011

technologyDue to the current recession, the spotlight of 2011 has centered upon cost-efficient technologies that do not impact customer service. Previously, virtualization had been gaining momentum. It was even named by Gartner in a 2010 survey as the number one technology of the year. In a more recent 2011 study by Computerworld, cloud computing was forecasted to be the most promising technology for 2011as well as in the upcoming decade. In addition to the cost savings of virtualization, cloud computing also ensures efficient server provision and quick secure data storage.

A major loss was experienced with the tragic death of legendary Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Across the globe, Job’s death was recognized as a loss of an international technological hero. His legacy serves as an inspiration for the continued evolution technological progression and innovation.

As with every holiday season, it’s always interesting to note the most popular holiday tech gifts of the year. CIO’s 2011 list includes four Apple products including the Ipad 2, Iphone, TV converter and a biography of Steve Jobs. Other notable items include the Kindle, Cannon Rebel, Leapfrog, as well as a variety of laptops, flat screen TVs and video game accessories. As a comparison, in a 2000 list by CNN, the top product was the “Nomad Jukebox”: one of the earliest MP3 players. This model was raved to hold a massive music storage capacity with a memory of 6 gigabytes and 1,500 songs. In 2011, comparable models now hold 25 times more storage: 160 GB and 40,000 songs. As illustrated from the expansion of digital music, online record storage has concurrently undergone exponential growth. CEOs, business leaders and customers collectively have much to look forward to both in 2012 and in the years to come.

Important ASC Transitions in 2012

stethoscope and dollarAs of January 1, 2012, all ASCs will be required to implement the safe surgery checklist as monitored by the Medicare quality-reporting program. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will ensure compliance by making checks throughout the year. All confirmed findings would be available for public viewing. In order to be approved, surgical centers must implement a suitable surgical checklist by the first of the year. The CMS notes, however, a customized checklist may be permitted so long as it endorses effective plans for promoting improved communication and surgical practices. The three surgical phases required in the checklist include the administering of anesthesia; pre-procedure set-up and routines implemented before the patient exits the operation table. This allows the surgical centers to customize their practices to best benefit the working dynamics of their centers. In regards to finances, the centers will be required to report data by October 1, 2012. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of cumulative CMS payments.

Finally, the 2012 ASC list changes are complete! For a complete list of the 2012 ASC list changes, refer to

GA’s Clients & Partners

social media connectionsAs 2011 comes to a close, Global Archives would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each and every one of our clients. Thanks to continual client support and technical improvements, Global Archives looks to grow its partnerships further in 2012. It is rewarding to help businesses convert their data infrastructure to the cloud thereby conserving spending and increasing efficiency. Clients, featured in the months from September and October, include the Center for Orthopedic & Sports Excellence and Crown Bolt, a division of Home Depot. In November, Global Archives honored a vital business partner: Accelerated Imaging. With the support of clients and teamwork with business partners, Global Archives hopes to extend its services across the nation to both clients and partners.

For partnerships visit or call 1-877-257-7226 ext 803

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