An Update from Congress:

“Electronic Health Records Improvement Act”

On November 16, 2012, US Representative Diane Black introduced a new bill termed the “Electronic Health Records Improvement Act”. This amendment act was created to specify those ASCs that would be exempt from application for inventives and distribution of penalties. It outlines a number of other factors such as size and physician specialty as noteworthy factors in this federal procedure. In 2009, with the passage of the HITECH Act, Medicare and Medicaid programs were instructed to distribute special incentives to ASC physicians so as to accelerate the adoption of electronic health records among providers, and thus work toward the creation of a national health care infrastructure. Many ASC physicians working in small, private centers have not been able to qualify as “meaningful users” due to a lack of resources in comparison to the multi faceted incentive programs of hospitals. The second section of the bill exempts ASC physicians nearing retirement from applying for Medicare incentives, and thus, demonstrating EHR meaningful use.  In further sections, the bill calls for a shortened EHR reporting period, an appeals process prior to application of penalties, semi-annual reports to proactively monitor progress, as well as a number of amendments to the original HITECH Act.

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
Sec. 2. Exception for certain eligible professionals from application of Medicare payment adjustment for not demonstrating EHR meaningful use.
Sec. 3. Shortening EHR reporting period for application of Medicare EHR payment adjustment to eligible professionals.
Sec. 4. Additional exceptions to application of Medicare payment adjustment for certain Medicaid and hospital-based eligible professionals not demonstrating EHR meaningful use.
Sec. 5. Certain specialty registry systems for purposes of eligible professionals satisfying meaningful use requirements under Medicare.
Sec. 6. Enhancing Medicare EHR meaningful use among eligible professionals who are rural health care providers.
Sec. 7. Improving EHR meaningful use under Medicare by ambulatory surgical centers.
Sec. 8. Exemption from certain EHR meaningful use requirements for certain eligible professionals for purposes of Medicare payment adjustment.
Sec. 9. Additional administrative provisions relating to Medicare eligible professionals’ EHR incentives.
Sec. 10. Non-application of provisions and amendments to eligible professional Medicare incentives for certain MA organizations and Medicaid incentives for adoption and meaningful use of certified EHR technology.

For a full, comprehensive description of each section, click here.

Electronic Health Records are a Touchdown!!
Electronic Health Records have become a major success within the National Football League (NFL). Used by all 32 teams in the NFL, EHRs are currently being utilized to quickly streamline data as well as coordinate care procedures for players suffering from either a sudden game day injury or in recovery habilitation. The EHR system was specially designed to include additional video replay abilities so as to enable coaches and team physicians to more quickly and accurately diagnose the injury. After a serious impact, team physicians can quickly access that player’s health records from a portable tablet, such as a cell phone, Ipad, or laptop. According to NFL President Tony Yates, “We are always looking for innovative ways to enhance healthcare within the organization. Electronic health records are the next logical step…”. It’s anytime, anywhere portability makes it a perfect solution for the fast-moving, high injury rate of the NFL. According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, there has been a growing concern over the number of sport-related injuries, primarily concussions. The success of the EHR’s streamlining capabilities has sparked the production of many other developments, such as helmet accelerator monitors used to gauge the impact of a hit. Goodell reports that the NFL teams now use, and strongly rely on EHR and integrated video streamlining for every game. According to Yates, “Team medical staffs are raving about it”.

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Comments from the CEO

Global Archives, along with its business partner Medical Waste Services (MWS), invited members of the Orange County Medical Association to a tour of the Global Archives data center. With all the hype about the cloud, we decided to conduct this tour so as to provide them with their very own front row seat. The response to the invitation was much larger than expected.

Because of security, we were limited to 25 guests and will schedule a second tour for the overflow. The tour began at the new OCMA facility in Irvine where we had an opportunity to meet and greet the guests. From there we boarded a bus and traveled to the data center where we presented an overview on security, redundancy, and operations. Later the guests were broken up into groups and admitted to the raised floor area where the computer servers, power plants, and Internet cabling could be viewed.  Subsequent to the tour, the guests were returned to OCMA for a follow-up with refreshments and discussion.

What I found of particular interest was the misunderstanding in people’s minds as to the cloud’s structure.  We explained that the cloud was made up of thousands of individual servers performing unique tasks (banking transactions, records storage, information searches, etc.) in a virtual environment.  We explained (and showed) where the data came into the data center over millions of very thin fibers and left going out on the same fibers.  Most importantly, we explained in detail the security of the data center and its redundancy for business continuity.  Our data center has a 99.999% uptime over the last 10 years and in fact was operational in the recent Southern California power outage when many of our clients had no power.

The collective responses from the guests were very favorable. Many were happily surprised, and even somewhat awestruck.  The teams from both Global Archives and Medical Waste Services exited the tour feeling that our goal to provide a good understanding of the Cloud and its many benefits had been successfully accomplished.


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