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web buildGlobal Archives is proud to unveil the redesigning of our site. While all the same information will still be accessible to clients, it will be reconstructed in a more eye appealing and easy-to-follow manner. Speaking of easy to follow, be sure to follow us on Twitter and stay current with the latest trends in both the IT and healthcare industries. Global Archives is constantly searching the web for articles that are both informative, as well as inspirational. Don’t have a Twitter? Our LinkedIn account, too, sites breakthrough, innovative trends so you can always be up to date. Our Facebook page is especially unique in that it includes an array of tabs such as our newsletter, blog, client specials,
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ASC Growth: From Coast to Coast

(and a lot in between!)

business growthFor healthcare professionals, the year 2011 was characterized by a surge of ASCs across the nation. Every state made strides to increase the number of ASC facilities. Most notably were two populous states on either side of the country: New York and California. These states were tied for second in the growth of ASCs with thirteen new openings or expansions in the past year. The bulk of California’s ASC growth – whether solidified plans or the finalized completion of an ASC facility, gravitated toward southern California, with only a few north of Los Angeles County. New York saw the openings of a variety of surgery centers, such as those specializing in endoscopy,
vascular and orthopedic services.

When it comes to the highest bidder of ASCs, Texas is the winner by one. Texas had a number of plans and official openings of surgery centers in major cities such as Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Dallas and others.

In total, 175 surgery centers either officially opened their doors, made notable progress or were announced within 2011. The three leading states constitute approximately 22% of this growth; California, alone, is credited with a little over 7%. This tremendous growth of ASCs is in no way expected to stop with 2011. The Global Orthopedic Devices market, for example, is projected to reach an astonishing $57.9 billion in the next four years.

When broken down into subcomponents, this tremendous financial budget can be attributed to the aging of the baby boomer population as well as the increased demand for spinal devices, the fastest growing medical device. Further, with the global endoscopy systems market projected to reach 4.9 billion by 2017 and the anesthesia equipment market expected to grow 7.4% in merely the next two years, the growth of ASCs is a healthcare trend here to stay.

GA Forms – Coming Soon

e-formsFor your added convenience, users of Global Archives’ Lockbox system can look forward to Global Archives’ latest addition of online, easily accessible GA forms. These standardized forms will conveniently eliminate yet another step of the monotonous scanning process. Thanks to the hard work of Global Archives’ latest team addition, Luis Camarena, Global Archives clients can look forward to accessing these standardized forms within the next 1-2 months! With the continued support of our loyal clients and expansion of the Global Archives team, our services will only continue to grow, saving your business time, finances, and headaches.

What’s New?

luis camarenaIn November of 2011, Global Archives proudly welcomed its newest member, Luis Camarena, to its growing team. With a strong background working with computers, friendly personality and outgoing, goal-driven ambition, offering Luis the position as a medical sales representative was a simple decision. Global Archives looks forward to expanding its team even further within the upcoming year. For the 2011 edition of the newsletter this paragraph was designated to acknowledging either a client or business partner of the month. In promoting our theme of “new”, however, upcoming 2012 editions of the newsletter will utilize this paragraph as a report based on what clients want to hear. So look for an email and please take a quick moment to send in any and all suggestions that you may have!

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