Catching Up With the Creator of LockBox

LockBoxOn this past Veterans Day, I was able to interview a “behind the scenes” success, designer of the latest Lockbox system – David McMahon, Chief Technology Officer at Global Archives Inc. I asked him his advice for recent college graduates striving to transition from a college diploma to a successful career, David suggested that all aspiring programmers should seek a job in the field immediately and those hoping for a management position should obtain a masters degree in computer science. As an example, once David discovered his passion for computer programming, he immediately worked to earn his degree. He concluded with, “No matter how many ‘certs’ you have or degrees, experience is what they look for mostly”.
When discussing how LockBox III is an upgrade from its previous version, David listed it as having:

  • Faster overall speed (and specifically in its uploading time)
  • A more sophisticated layout with the first page as a grid search rather than a preview
  • Advanced color scheme (from white to blue)

David’s sincerity, pride in his accomplishments and relentless determination in both his personal story and in creating LockBox software was inspiring to say the least.

To watch the full interview go to

National Growth of ASC’s

Surgical CentersIn a 2009 comprehensive study of the growth factors for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs), the ASC association found a number of growth factors in both Medicare and non-Medicare populations. Approximately 70% of the growth in ASC service volume per Medicare beneficiary between 2000 and 2007 can be attributed to ASCs capturing market share from shifting their service location. As a whole, ASCs are more financially profitable due to an increased level of productivity. As the transition to ASCs grew, so did the concurrent number of Medicare services provided in these new facilities. Baby boomers are a significant contributing factor to the growth in healthcare expenditures. Health System Change (HSC) estimates yearly per capita spending on personal health steadily increases by an average of $74 for each year between ages 18 and 64, and even more so after age 50. Ages 50-64 increase an additional $152. An expansive variety of factors contribute to the prominence of gravitating toward ASCs and are in no way limited to some of the core changes we have discussed. This transition to ASCs, for instance, wouldn’t even be possible without synchronized technological advances allowing for improved surgical techniques and a higher efficiency of post-operative recovery management, in addition to new state guidelines for medical testing procedures. Nonetheless, as ASCs continue this upward pattern of growth, healthcare and IT industries will be forced to make necessary adjustments in their operational strategies.

Cloud Computing News:

While the clouds may be out, the News is Sunny!

cloud computingChoosing a SaaS provider with a strong reputation allows the prospective buyer to have the peace of mind that all of their documents are in good hands. After all, handing over the key to a company’s extensive confidential database of documents may seem a risky move. Yet, in the long run, switching to a cloud provider eliminates technological headaches for businesses while improving the productivity of employees and cutting money spent on maintaining a paper-based infrastructure.

When it comes to location, businesses have every right (and should!) to be informed of where their data is physically stored. Yet, it is to be known that when storing documents on the cloud, the accessibility to data is marginally unaffected by the location of the cloud service provider. Documents can be stored, accessed and transferred to business contacts across the globe and back. Location may be more of an important issue to some than others. This coincides much with that individual’s trust in the system of cloud computing and in their service provider. With reputable and quick IT assistance, location of the service provider is undoubtedly a concern of lesser importance. Being in close contact with a consistent, trustworthy provider however is essential for many considering the often lengthy geographical distance between the provider and business. While location may not be the most important factor when choosing a SaaS provider, the location and accessibility of your files on the cloud network is pivotal.

Always keep a big picture of what is really important… your files!

Partner of the Month

Accelerated ImagingThis month of November we would like to nominate one of our business partners as our Partner of the Month and let everyone know how great it has been working hand-in-hand with Accelerated Imaging. Sara Mirzaian, company owner, and her entire team are a hardworking group of professionals and always go above and beyond in the work they perform for Global Archives and its clients. In business for over 15 years, AI’s “hands-on approach and effective listening has enabled” them to achieve an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.

Thank you Accelerated Imaging for performing such superior service!

Global Archives wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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