Helping Local Communities Go Green

global archives at san diegoRepresenting for Global Archives at the San Diego Oceans Foundation 27th Annual Beach Clean Up were Irina Ustyan, Western Regional Manager, and Meredith Beattie, Social Media Administrator. We had a great time getting to know a variety of people within the community – from SD Oceans Foundation representatives to a wide array of environmental enthusiasts from within the team of trash-picking scuba divers themselves. With a misty overcast morning to welcome all of the groggy eyes, volunteers were ready to get to work and free the ocean of some trash! They even encouraged scuba divers and shore helpers by offering incentive cash prizes for finding the most unique kinds of trash – one year the winner turned in a math book written in Hebrew!
While some were excited to find odd spectacles of ocean-soaked trash, others were more ready to just get it out! Many groups formed efficient assembly lines in order to relay the trash from the scuba diver to the shore helper to a relay person who would carry the article for weighing and classification. With all our hard work, the sun finally came out to warm us up!

Thanks San Diego Oceans Foundation, and keep up the great work!

HIPAA – What’s New?

hipaaImplementing HIPAA coding standard requirements is an issue that has been continually put off by a number of healthcare providers. This future, universal system of coding and retrieving patient healthcare records is not simply recommended, it is required. The initial decision to implement the 5010 version was set on January 15, 2009. Since then, healthcare providers have been allotted a two-year span to implement the HIPAA system. While testing was supposed to begin January of 2011, the results of a HIPAA issued survey in early 2011 found that approximately 33% of providers had “no plans” to transition to a 5010 system. Unfortunately for those procrastinators, the installation of HIPAA coding is no easy, overnight process. It is a process of extensive monotony involving much clerical work and technical reprogramming. Yet in the perspective of healthcare providers, it is difficult to implement this new system when patient medical records are at a constant, desperate need. With the clock ticking and a little over 2 months until the HIPAA installation deadline, a surge of healthcare providers are beginning to pick up their dragging feet… and IT assistance businesses could not be happier.

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Internet Security

security computerToday, in this modern technical age, internet users are able to utilize scalable computing systems to store, access and transfer data to customers, employees and other designated users through the exponentially growing system of cloud computing. Trust is the underlying foundation that has made this revolutionizing system a marginally widespread success. Trust, however, is difficult for many to accept in this age of refined Internet hackers. In this virtual world of data storage, cloud users are able to access an array of data that exceeds that which is contained within physical storage dimensions. When considering cloud security, it is important to keep in mind the two coexisting infrastructural spheres – that of a public and private cloud. While data stored in a public source has minimal security concerns, private cloud services are very much reflective of their name, private. Files are secured and only viewable to authorized personnel. Obviously, any personal client or patient information exists solely on the private cloud network and is accessible to only select users within the entire business operation. Social security numbers, medical records, or shipping information is securely hidden from the public realm. Through the multi-year evolution of cloud computing, security of private documents was and will continue to be an utmost priority. And as long as security remains a paramount concern, federal and legal policies for monitoring cloud activity will continue to evolve at an increasingly more efficient and strict pace.

Client of the Month

crownbolt team

Team Crown Bolt (from left to right: Kaye Boswell, Jennifer Miller, Sheena Tam, and David Lum)

This first month of Fall, we are proud to nominate Kaye Boswell and the entire team at Crown Bolt, division of Home Depot, as our Client of the Month! Kaye’s professionalism and personable nature are the top two characteristics that come to mind amongst many others. Always a pleasure to deal with and representing her team and company in the best light possible.

Thank you Team Crown Bolt for allowing us to be part of your family!

Global Archives is wishing you a Safe and Happy


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