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How does Global Archives' LockBox™ manage data security solutions?

The LockBox website for managed security services is verified by cloud computing security guidelines such as SSL extended credentials with 256 bit encryption, and employs a user authentication policy with encryption. Subject to the client services provided, a third party audit of security policies and procedures such as SAS70, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley or FED 5015, 21CFR Part 11, etc. may be available for review. The Policy and Procedures, along with validation are available to the client. Global Archives contracts with an independent auditor to periodically test LockBox Internet defenses.

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What happens to my data stored in the cloud if I elect to move to a new cloud based service?

All data managed by Global Archives cloud professional services, including documents and electronic files belong to the client and can be exported upon request.

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How is my data securely uploaded to the LockBox website?

Subject to the business process service being provided, your data may be uploaded directly through client eForms, workflow processes, scanned documents or FTP. Data security solutions include custom designed importation tools developed by Global Archives’ cloud professional services and are incorporated into the business process to simplify the process.

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Does Global Archives' managed security services include conversion of legacy paper documents?

Data management services include scanning services that ensure complete data integrity. Global Archives manages a partner network, oversees the process, and is instrumental in establishing your company’s data capture profile including such details as image format.

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With cloud data storage, how do I search my data or view a document?

LockBox’s proprietary search engine for cloud data services ensures data integrity for the client’s database. The search engine utilizes a simple menu to search by keyword field. In addition, by using multiple keywords and employing Boolean conditions, searches may be further refined.

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With cloud data storage, how can I search for content within my documents?

LockBox ensures data integrity during document search, using standard MS Office client software or Adobe Reader software. Global Archives’ cloud data services ensure that all subject documents are properly prepared during conversion or creation, i.e., a PDF file with hidden text or a MS Word document. As an option, Global Archives can provide a full OCR search engine.

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With private cloud services, how can I block insider access to sensitive information?

LockBox cloud data services are based upon two classes of users that ensure data privacy: Users and Administrators. Users are managed by Administrators and establish the user’s profile that includes user’s rights to files and folders.

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In Lockbox's managed security services, what are the basic functions of the Administrator?

A LockBox Administrator’s functions ensure data privacy and data integrity through user creation and management, including password control and access rights; full departmental access; file deletion and restoration; setting retention schedules; and running reports and schedules.

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In Lockbox's managed security services, what are the basic functions of the User?

A LockBox User’s functions ensure data privacy and data integrity for both User as well as Administrator during all phases of data management, who are both able to access rights upon authentication, search, view, and print documents; upload documents (if authorized); send files to other third parties; and change passwords.

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In cloud storage, can I share data with parties outside the user list?

Using Lock Box’s “Send” function, you may select file(s) to send via e-mail while ensuring data integrity and data privacy. LockBox will transmit URL links and, upon authentication, open and allow data viewing. Simultaneously shared files can occur only with authorized users in the LockBox community.

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In LockBox's cloud storage solutions, what is the process for document approval in a business transaction?

In private cloud services, a workflow approval process for documents, such as an Accounts Payable invoice, is implemented using eSignature utilities, along with e-mail notification services. For more details contact Global Archives.

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Site Audit for Data and Document Storage Systems

Global Archives offers a step-by-step site audit that identifies challenges and provides recommendations for business process improvements.

    Uncovering Conversion Challenges
  • Central or multiple locations?
  • Accessibility, organization, portability?
  • Costs to share and transfer data?
  • Ergonomics, workplace aesthetics?
  • Costs of square footage and staff access devoted to storage?
  • Requirements for duplication, photocopies and digital copies?
    Discovering Business Process Challenges
  • Efficiencies of Cloud Services, data redundancies and security
  • Efficiencies of staff’s repetitive transactional tasks?
  • Efficiencies of client’s information sharing, forms completion?
  • Costs of office supplies, disposable and paper goods?
  • Security and organization of hard-copy document storage?
  • Efficiencies of improved business processing and approvals

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