With cloud computing, as long as you have Internet, business operations can continue.

With all the energy constantly being used up in Southern California, Blackouts are no major surprise, but rather an inevitable response to our fast-paced, on-the-go technological lifestyle. When the last major power outage hit southern California in October of 2011, many residents, especially, were unprepared. Backup energy transmitters were a rarity. Several businesses were forced to close their doors. Sacrificing that day’s income and with the computer system not working, businesses were unable to charge customers who were currently using their services at the time of the blackout as well as close their registers and calculate that day’s earnings.Many sought public libraries, common to have backup transmitters.

So what are a few reasons to LOVE cloud computing in this type of unpredictable, unpreventable, and potentially disastrous situation?

1) Share and collaborate on documents both internally with people inside the company and externally, such as with business partners. Further, because cloud computing operates online; customers too can be given access to view a business presentation.

2) Sign and store contracts

3) Track time and expenses

4) Access email and appointments

5) Available through any computer!

As long as there is Internet, business may proceed. With multiple redundant data centers and Global Archives providers ready and available 24-7, you can sleep well at night knowing your data is safe and secure should a storm hit… now, today, tomorrow, next week or…


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