News and Specials from Global Archives Inc.! – November 2010

This newsletter begins our new monthly update series. Each month we hope to bring important information as it relates to our core services and how they affect your industry. In these updates we will report technological enhancements to LockBox®, news articles and white papers that we hope will provide insight into new methods to help you get your work done more efficiently.

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Haig John Ermoian
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Scanning Tips

Scanning paper records to electronic images is costly and may be prone to error. One method to reduce costs and improve accuracy is to associate the newly scanned image to a database. Using associated databases eliminates most manual indexing tasks. Virtually, every document created today has a database or meta data file associated with it. The information pulled from the database is important and is what the document repository uses to help the user search for his document. And since the data has already been created, there is no need to enter it again. Using this information eliminates data entry errors and reduces conversion costs substantially. There are several methods known to associate databases with scanned images. Global Archives uses a unique tool called “eSubmission”. eSubmission is a electronic validation utility that resides with the data capture software and once setup reduces all data entry to one field. It is operator friendly and will save 80% of normal indexing labor. For more information about eSubmission, contact your Global Archives account manager at 1.877.257.7226.

9 Ways Health IT Improves Patient Care

“The HITECH legislation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is allocating more than $20 billion to push for the adoption of health IT nationwide, including e-health records and e-prescription systems. Health IT can boost patient’s quality of care by reducing medical errors, improving clinical decision making and helping to eliminate redundant and unnecessary tests and costs. Health IT, including automated systems that check for adverse drug interactions, allergies, and confirm patient IDs, can help patients avoid being victim to medication and other errors. Meanwhile, as more aging and chronically ill patients are cared for at home, health IT deployments can help keep those individuals out of the hospital, while mobile apps and other tech deployments aid in wellness programs to keep the healthy active. Here are a few examples of health IT helping to bring those benefits”—Marianne Kolbasuk McGee for Information Week. For complete information see “9 Ways”

GA Announces New Feature – Large File Distribution

Many files uploaded to the Global Archives LockBox repository are large (consider a 20MB or larger file) and unsuitable to distribute via conventional email. Historically, these type of files would normally have to be downloaded to the user’s workstation and either uploaded to a common FTP site or copied to DVD or -worse- printed and shipped to the client. These methods are not user friendly and often have an unacceptable delay.

Released as SSD (Single Sign-On Delivery) and available later this month, the new procedure will allow users to search, select a file(s) and “send a file” notice that includes the a link to the desired file(s). The end user need only click on the URL and confirm authentication to view. While viewing, the user may download, view or print the file(s). Users are restricted to the subject file(s) and the login is good for one time access only. As part of the reporting policy, the system tracks file use and identifies file access during its life. To add SSD to your account, contact your Global Archives sales account manager at 1.877.257.7226.


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