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A leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of data management solutions, Global Archives streamlines data intensive workflows for companies of varying size and in every major industry. Read more



LockBox is an entire suite of solutions; a group of web-based software applications that function together to archive documents in a private, secure, offsite, online library vault. Read more


H. John Ermoian founded Global Archives in 2003 based on his 20-plus years of proven success in developing hardware and software interface for first-generation laser printing systems. Ermoian’s expertise ranged from Canon to third-party connectivity linking open platform computing systems, including IBM and Burroughs Mainframes to LaserJet, and XEROX “XPS” to PCL language. Ermoian was also an early developer of front-end applications for XEROX’s DocuShare document management system, upon which he formed the business model of Global Archives: to create easy to use, Web-based flexible document management solutions comprised of hardware, software and professional services.

The global emergence of the Cloud Service Provider and ready migration by clients of all sizes worldwide has accelerated Global Archives’ reach. As a leading SaaS service provider, Gloval Archives provides SaaS-based document management products, professional services, and formation of such specialized hardware installations as Satellite Scanning Stations (SSS).

Learn more about the data management solution expertise of Global Archives and hear from industry-leading clients here.


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