Upcoming: Global Archives Luncheon Seminar
In case you didn’t already get a chance to check out our Lockbox user and admin video guide, you can quickly view these simple and concise how-to demonstration videos right from our website. These demo videos will also be featured at upcoming orthopedic and ambulatory surgical center trade shows, as well as at Global Archives’ very own luncheon seminar. This lecture will initially take place at a hotel (that is to be determined) at a few different locations within San Diego County. We then eagerly plan to expand the seminar’s locations to include Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The seminar will be led by Global Archives CEO, John Ermoian and will cover records management, as well as how to become compliant with new federal and HIPAA  requirements. Please refer to our website for more information on how to register.


Cloud vs. Traditional Server-Based EHR/RCM Systems
Thanks to the heightened ability to ensure maximum levels of security, web based, cloud platforms are becoming ever more popular, common, and economically, as well as ethically, vital.

The cloud was able to gain such momentum due to its high level of convenient accessibility and ease to retrieve and annotate files on-site by office managers and staff. The only criteria it requires is a tablet or computer with an Internet connection and password required to access confidential patient information. Further, its accessibility allows users to view and share more intricate files requiring high quality resolution, such as images and/or a video.

The surge of the cloud is perhaps most highly attributed to the federal instantiation of meaningful use compliance and EHR incentive programs as well as the motivation to qualify for future Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. The goal of the EHR is to improve quality of care, allowing patient data to be secure, portable and conveniently accessible through the Internet. Because availability is extremely high, with practically no downtime, professionally operated cloud based document management systems have archived the ‘old-fashioned’ mentality that data storage requires a physical offsite location.

Although there is still the persistent mentality of, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, integrating a cloud based system is a natural solution that has evolved with technological advancements, such as the ability to better capitalize upon the vast and diverse abilities of the Internet – a basic entity integrated into practically every aspect of our increasingly modern, everyday life.

But, what is perhaps the most convincing facet of the cloud? Scalability, and elimination of the fixed cost.

Converting to a cloud document management system requires an extremely low capital investment (just scanning costs), with no need for physical safeguarding equipment and measures. And finally, what’s the cost to you? Software-as-a-Service cloud based platforms are comparable to a monthly subscription with an adjustable price, dependent on the amount of files requiring storage and security on cloud servers.

Be sure to check out Global Archives’ limited time promotion in which we will scan, store and index up to 500 patient records for first time clients on our highly secure servers at absolutely no cost. If for any reason after this one month free trial you are not interested in continuing a month-to-month subscription with Global Archives, there is no consequence.

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What’s New at Global Archives?

With 88 different vendors and 400+ attendees, the 2012 CASA Trade Show was a great success. Who knew so many healthcare professionals would stuff their bags with our free stress balls and chocolate candies?! While meeting a diverse number of office managers and physicians, Global Archives noticed a consistent pain point for the vast majority of surgical centers: the hassle of paper records. Learn more about the solutions Global Archives has to offer by clicking here.

Upcoming Events:

TBA: Global Archives Luncheon Seminar

April 18-21: 2013 Annual California Orthopedic Association Meeting

September 2013: 2013 Annual CASA Trade Show

**Global Archives encourages all first time clients interested in EHR conversion and secure, cloud storage to try out Lockbox FREE for one month. All you need to do is simply call to set up an appointment time. Then, the team at Global Archives will happily come to your center and scan up to 500 patient records to be stored on our highly secure servers. Again, this is all at no cost to you. If for any reason after the first month you’re not interested in continuing a cloud-based data management service with Global Archives, no problem!”"

Nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

Contact Luis to  schedule an appointment today.

To inquire about partnership opportunities with Global Archives, please contact Sales Account Manager, Luis Camarena at lcamarena@globalarchives.net or 1.877.257.7726 ext 801

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