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Software as a Solution (SaaS) applications for data management increase the operating efficiency and reduce overhead costs for companies of all sizes. As the primary source of SaaS solutions, Managed Service Providers (MSP) everywhere are growing, too, as their clients across all industries transfer non-core services to a trusted MSP partner in order to focus on their core business. In the overall market for solutions, SaaS is expected to top $15 billion by 2015. Meanwhile, the United States government encourages the use of MSPs to reduce operating costs and become more integrated.

The Global Archives LockBox® SaaS solutions ensure security, privacy and common access for clients. Lockbox resides on a Level III secure data center with redundant power and Internet Backbone access.

Security. Global Archives provides LockBox solution SaaS customers with server operations, technical support, and guaranteed redundant server operations. Lockbox Internet-standard security is based upon Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Extended Services, 256-bit encryption for all transactions, authentication services, and third party testing and validation against intrusion.

Privacy. LockBox solutions enable collaborative sharing and common access to data repositories for trusted administrators and users within any designated community, be it within an organization or among several partner companies.

Common Access. Every LockBox cloud-based data management solutions empowers user communities to control, share and contribute to extensive, multi-faceted data repositories.

Versatile, Powerful Data Governance in the Cloud

Examples of powerful LockBox solutions, SaaS services:

  1. Busy health care networks create and verify patient records within departments and between insurers or patients.
  2. Engineering services agencies control and share volumes of geographical and zoning data generated during land development with developers, builders, and planners.
  3. Curators of priceless historical libraries create cloud-based, digital archives to delight and inform students and researchers worldwide.

SaaS-based solutions fully integrate with each, so clients can realize the full potential of their operation’s talent and speed of operation. The value of enabling healthcare networks and insurers to tie into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) patient data can be measured in increased patient care levels. Companies of all sizes see reduced cost of sales when their accounting tools link to sales administration tools. And multi-disciplinary engineering firms see payback in the form of lower project overhead when engineering design files are connected to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) plotting and regulatory guidelines.

Global Archive is also a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering SaaS services in data management since 2003.

MSPs have proven to be outsource experts across all industries. MSPs around the world deliver value through outsourced services including solutions that are Saas-based, such as LockBox, industry-specific professional services, and scalable hosting programs. Global Archives is also an MSP, providing SaaS services since 2003 in data management.

Clients of all sizes realize cost - and time-saving benefits through outsourced MSP partnerships. Software licenses are available on a “pay as you need” basis, reducing maintenance and license administration overhead, and ensuring “always-on” access to latest releases. Since the MSP bears all IT infrastructure overhead, clients are free to focus on their business objectives.

Cloud-based solutions and services are secure and safe – usually more so than the client’s in-house data center – and stay up to date with “hot” redundant services in the event of power or system failure.

Clients access their chosen SaaS - based solutions as quickly as the live on the Internet backbone and less expensively than with comparable in-house IT programs. Find out more about how Global Archives can enhance your efficiency and improve processes.

Site Audit for Data and Document Storage Systems

Global Archives offers a step-by-step site audit that identifies challenges and provides recommendations for business process improvements.

    Uncovering Conversion Challenges
  • Central or multiple locations?
  • Accessibility, organization, portability?
  • Costs to share and transfer data?
  • Ergonomics, workplace aesthetics?
  • Costs of square footage and staff access devoted to storage?
  • Requirements for duplication, photocopies and digital copies?
    Discovering Business Process Challenges
  • Efficiencies of Cloud Services, data redundancies and security
  • Efficiencies of staff’s repetitive transactional tasks?
  • Efficiencies of client’s information sharing, forms completion?
  • Costs of office supplies, disposable and paper goods?
  • Security and organization of hard-copy document storage?
  • Efficiencies of improved business processing and approvals

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